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Unveiling the Visionary Leadership of Michael Mikhail: Taking Stratton Equities to Unprecedented Levels

Stratton Equities
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Stratton Equities has solidified its place at the pinnacle of the US private money and NON-QM lending industry, a tribute to the relentless commitment and innovative guidance of its Founder and CEO, Michael Mikhail. With Michael at the helm, Stratton Equities has evolved into a premier hub for real estate financing, affording borrowers access to an extensive array of niche mortgage loan programs under one umbrella; the firm has over a billion dollars at its disposal, ensuring financial flexibility for borrowers. However, what truly distinguishes him is not solely his entrepreneurial prowess but his knack for transforming adversities into opportunities for progress and innovation.

Michael Mikhail: The Billionaire Visionary

To grasp the core of Stratton Equities, one needs to familiarize themselves with the “Billion Dollar Man” – Michael Mikhail. This moniker is not just an epithet; it symbolizes his ambitious target for Stratton Equities to surpass over $1.2 billion in loan volume. With his sharp business insight and exceptional vision for the mortgage sector, Michael is propelling his company beyond the ordinary. His distinct leadership style and inventive business strategies aren’t merely steering Stratton Equities toward an impressive financial landmark but are revolutionizing the workings of the mortgage lending industry.

In an enlightening interview, Michael Mikhail narrates his tale of adversity and the resurgent determination that enabled him to flip his setbacks into a positive.

“My setbacks became part of the cornerstone of the company,” Michael Mikhail reveals.

Michael is dyslexic, a condition that complicates reading paragraphs of text. Yet, instead of letting this be a stumbling block, he altered his communication style in a way that fortified his business.

“Engaging in phone conversations allowed me to grasp the scenario more effectively,” Michael elucidated during the interview. This strategy not only enhanced his understanding of transactions but also aided him in “forging stronger bonds with people and understanding the scenario and the pitfalls of the deal, thus improving our conversion rates in making money and closing loans.”

This alternative method of communication proved so fruitful that it has been woven into Stratton Equities’ operations. “I rise, I hop on the phone – let’s chat, let’s resolve it,” Michael says. “How much can we accomplish in 15 minutes?”

Transforming Struggles into Triumphs

Reflecting on his ascent to success, Michael passionately advocates embracing struggles. He believes in adversity’s power to inspire and thrust individuals toward their objectives. He expressed, “I’m a big proponent of confronting challenges head-on, overcoming the hurdles and achieving great success. I don’t believe anyone achieves success the easy way, and that harks back to sacrifice, to kindling that hunger.”

Michael’s personal narrative serves as a vivid embodiment of his philosophy. Instead of yielding to despair, he perceived it as an opportunity to soar. As he states, “I’ve never seen anyone with an easy life or a carefree childhood achieve great success.”

Further delving into his journey to success, Michael imparts wisdom on wealth creation. His counsel? Welcome hitting rock bottom—it could be a blessing in disguise. This viewpoint stems from his personal trajectory. The only way forward was upwards, and upward he journeyed. He ascribes his yearning for success and his ability to surmount hurdles to his experiences.

Aiming Higher

The CEO’s future expansion plan for Stratton Equities involves enlarging the company while remaining focused on prioritizing quality over quantity when recruiting personnel. Despite the setbacks from the pandemic, he remains unswerving. Vision, he contends, is indispensable for a company’s success—much like a roadmap to treasure. However, he asserts that a vision must remain malleable and not fixed in a rigid business plan, a conviction that has evidently worked in his favor.

Despite the impacts of Covid-19, Stratton Equities, under Michael’s tireless leadership, is forecasted to attain its desired milestones within the forthcoming two years. This prediction is not merely fanciful thinking but is grounded in the proven record of a man who has built a thriving empire from the ground up.

Michael Mikhail’s journey testifies to the power of tenacity, dedication, and innovative thought. His story demonstrates that confronting challenges, having faith in your vision, and leading with empathy can reshape an industry. His steadfast commitment to service excellence and client satisfaction continues to distinguish Stratton Equities in the highly competitive mortgage lending industry. As the “Billion Dollar Man,” Michael is not just a figurehead leading a prosperous company; he is the driving force behind a culture of innovation, resilience, and success.

Discover more about their groundbreaking mortgage programs and the team that brings them to life by visiting Stratton Equities’ website at For a closer glimpse of their operations, updates, and industry insights, follow them on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube @StrattonEquities, LinkedIn @stratton-equities and Twitter @Strattonequity.

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This article features branded content from a third party. Opinions in this article do not reflect the opinions and beliefs of Net Worth.

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This article features branded content from a third party. Opinions in this article do not reflect the opinions and beliefs of Net Worth.