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Business Internships for High Schoolers In 2023: Accelerating Careers Before Graduation

As the sun rises in the year 2023, the sands of time see an increasingly ambitious generation of students. These high school scholars are no longer waiting to don the graduation cap before they dive headfirst into the challenging waters of their future careers.  If you are the guardian of such a go-getter, aspiring to conquer the world of business, this curated list of top-tier programs will serve as your compass for the year. 

StandOut Connect: Harnessing the Power of Remote Learning 

Our expedition starts with StandOut Connect, an internship match program backed by The University of Chicago’s Polsky Center for Innovation. StandOut Connect’s pioneering program casts a broad net, pairing high school students with paid internships in their chosen fields. Enabling ambitious youngsters to gain invaluable professional experience from the comfort of their homes, StandOut Connect is truly at the forefront of the virtual education revolution. 

Chicago Business Institute Summer Internship Program: A Window into the Business World 

Next, we move to the vibrant summer streets of Chicago. Here, the Chicago Business Institute Summer Internship Program offers an unparalleled six-week paid internship opportunity. The experience is not bound to a single industry; participants can choose to intern at leading banks, eminent law firms, reputable accounting companies, and innovative engineering firms scattered across the Loop and business districts. It’s an all-access pass into the buzzing hive of the city’s business world. 

Columbia Engineering Hk Maker Lab: Where Engineering and Business Intersect 

Our journey continues to the hallowed halls of Columbia University. Here, the Hk Maker Lab offers a rigorous six-week summer course with a unique twist. Focused on designing innovative solutions for health issues, students are given a chance to flex their engineering muscles, create and test a biomedical device, and subsequently devise an accompanying business plan. This is a combination of engineering skills and business knowledge that provides an excellent starting point for people interested in the overlap of these two areas. 

Barnard College Athena Summer Innovation Institute: Empowering Young Women 

Our next destination is Barnard College, which hosts the Athena Summer Innovation Institute. This intensive 3-week boot camp, exclusively for young women, is designed to provide them with tangible skills and knowledge to develop world-changing ideas. Empowering young women to make a mark in the business world, the program acts as an accelerant to their visionary sparks. 

1435 Capital Management High School (Venture Analyst) Internship: A Deep Dive into Business and Finance 

Finally, we delve into the captivating world of venture capitalism with the 1435 Capital Management High School Internship. This program, catering to high school juniors and seniors, offers an intimate look at the intricacies of business, finance, and entrepreneurship. Students get a golden opportunity to intern at a specialized venture capital firm, equipping them with invaluable insights into this dynamic industry. 

To sum up, 2023 is a year of opportunities for ambitious high schoolers ready to seize the reins of their future. The listed programs are stellar platforms for them to gain precious experience and insight into the business world. As parents and guardians, being aware of such opportunities is key to helping our young scholars cultivate their potential. While the road to success is never linear, a well-chosen internship can serve as a robust steppingstone, launching the young minds of today into the leaders of tomorrow. 

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This article features branded content from a third party. Opinions in this article do not reflect the opinions and beliefs of Net Worth.

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This article features branded content from a third party. Opinions in this article do not reflect the opinions and beliefs of Net Worth.