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Fused Media: How Focusing On Client Results Will Grow Your Agency

Fused Media
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The difference between Fused Media and other agencies is the focus on client results and reputation over anything else. Most agencies are focused on sales and their acquisition systems more than any other piece of their agency. Of course, sales are part of the game and you need sales in order to thrive, however, there is a “right” way to grow your agency, and the founder of Fused Media, Michael Schreiber, has shown a perfect example of this.

Schreiber started his agency in 2021 after helping build an outdoor home service company called “Brother by Nature” to the 7-figure mark. After having great success with his marketing strategies at Brother By Nature, Schreiber decided to open up Fused Media to help other contractors grow their home service businesses by assisting in implementing software for sales and marketing, as well as running paid ads for them to generate leads.

The big advantage that Fused Media had against their competitors was the fact that Schreiber had been a contractor himself and understood what contractors spent most of their time doing, as well as where their time was best spent. Their time was not well-spent if they were forced to focus on their marketing efforts and deal with the loads of follow-up it requires to be a successful home service contractor. Their time is best spent completing projects and getting paid.

Because of the understanding that Schreiber had of this industry, he knew that if he could provide leads for the contractors and then a system that allows them to automatically organize, follow up with and nurture, send offers to and close, and reactivate the leads, it would change the game for contractors. So that is exactly what he did and created the Trade Growth system that enables contractors to do each of those things. By doing this, his clients are able to focus on what’s going to bring in the revenue while Fused Media can take care of everything behind the scenes.

Now, because of the systems put in place by Fused Media, contractors are seeing huge returns. To name a few, he helped The Landscaping Experts generate over $6,000,000 in only 11 months, or how about Norse Construction, helping them generate $1,060,000 in just 7 months? To name one more, Fused Media helped M&P Remodeling generate over half a million in a mere 3 months. These results are typically unachievable for this industry; however, with Schreiber’s core focus on results, you will find nothing but 5-star Google reviews and happy clients that are crushing it.

These stellar results allowed Fused Media to grow completely organically with the power of some referrals. This helped Schreiber be incredibly profitable in just their first year in business. Without having to spend loads of money on paid advertising, he was able to grow because of his results, which made the need for new sales very little. Instead of having to close deals each month to liquidate ad spend, he was relying on his recurring revenue from active clients to pay all expenses, and Fused Media could stash the rest. However, with the amazing results his clients were getting, he could always trust that their payment would go through each month, allowing him to grow slowly but very consistently and profitably.

In final words, Fused Media is leaving their clients shocked with the results they are achieving for them. The system that Fused Media puts in place for their clients is doing all the heavy work for the contractors, and it shows. Schreiber has shown that focusing on client results and keeping that your top priority will work in your favor by allowing you to grow organically. At any point, he could turn on paid traffic and scale as fast as he wants because they are already built for scale. This will be an agency to look out for in 2023 and don’t be surprised to see more success stories from the clients of Fused Media. 


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This article features branded content from a third party. Opinions in this article do not reflect the opinions and beliefs of Net Worth.

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This article features branded content from a third party. Opinions in this article do not reflect the opinions and beliefs of Net Worth.