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Double-Qualified Appointments and Non-Paid Methods: How CataLeads Systems is Changing Real Estate Lead Generation

CataLeads Systems
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Founded by Hamza Abdallah, CataLeads Systems is a marketing agency that understands the importance of generating leads through non-paid, non-advertising methods for real estate agents, brokers, or investors looking for seller listing opportunities. This means being able to deliver leads to their clients without spending a single dollar on paid traffic or ads. 

In today’s world, real estate agents and brokers that sign up with a lead generation agency are set up with ads and algorithms that dictate their lead flow. This can be frustrating for them, as they have little or even no control over the quality or the quantity of their seller leads. CataLeads, however, have complete control over the output, which puts them in control of the results and what their clients are receiving. Since the CataLeads team has full autonomy over their outbound process, their clients have absolute full control of whether they need to ramp up the volume, or even turn it down a notch if they’re in a busy season.

One of the unique benefits of using CataLeads is that they only provide double-qualified seller listing appointments. As one of their most defining traits,  Double-Qualified appointments are something that CataLeads Systems is most known for. The main objective of the process is to ensure that each lead must be vetted by at least  2 CataLeads team members before the appointment is set for the Real Estate Agent or Broker. To kick things off, the SMS team at CataLeads texts leads that have shown interest in their clients’ reserved zip codes. The team then asks entry-level questions to ensure that they have the real number and address of someone showing genuine interest in selling a property. Once that has been confirmed, the lead is then passed to the ISA team, or Inside Sales Agents, who will call and ask more detailed questions to get further information to expedite the process for the Real Estate Agent or Broker.

Another significant advantage of using CataLeads is that Real Estate Agents and Brokers don’t have to spend any extra money on advertising or marketing expenses. This allows them to focus on their core business and not worry about additional costs associated with generating leads. Also, many lead generation agencies don’t give full access to their customers when it comes to seeing the advertisements that are going out on their behalf, which unfortunately creates even further obscurity and confusion on where their investment is being deployed. At CataLeads Systems, their clients don’t have to worry about this as it is purely an outbound prospecting system and there is no requirement for additional ad spend. 

CataLeads uses their Agent Catalyst™ Outbound Prospecting System to generate leads, which means that they use non-paid, non-advertising methods to find potential sellers. This system can work better than paid traffic because it’s much more targeted and selective. With paid traffic or ads, often it’s like throwing a huge net out and catching anybody that was under that net and that person would be considered a “lead”. Since  CataLeads Systems deploys outbound efforts, they can effectively filter who enters the funnel which ensures that their team is only speaking to the highest quality prospects and vetting them thoroughly to book them as double-qualified appointments for their clients.

In conclusion, CataLeads Systems is a marketing agency that specializes in generating leads for Real Estate Agents, Brokers, or Investors looking for listing opportunities with absolutely no paid traffic or ads on any social media platform. With their unique and consistent outbound prospecting system, they can deliver double-qualified appointments directly to their clients’ calendars without any extra marketing expenses. This allows real estate professionals to focus on their core business while CataLeads take care of their seller lead generation and follow-up marketing needs. If you’re a Real Estate Agent, Broker, or Investor looking for a reliable and efficient lead generation agency, CataLeads Systems is definitely worth considering.

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This article features branded content from a third party. Opinions in this article do not reflect the opinions and beliefs of Net Worth.

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This article features branded content from a third party. Opinions in this article do not reflect the opinions and beliefs of Net Worth.