Magnum Opus Agency: Masters of Luxury Product Development in Los Angeles


Image commercially licensed from Unsplash

         Tyler McConnell – Co-Founder                                     Devyn DiStasio – Co-Founder 

In the dynamic world of luxury fashion and branding, Magnum Opus Agency, founded by Devyn DiStasio and Tyler McConnell, stands as a testament to excellence, innovation, and painstaking attention to detail. Their mission is as clear as it is ambitious, aiming to “create masterpieces, Magnum Opus executes them.”

With their formative years spent working with renowned brands like Rhude and Etai.LA, Devyn and Tyler garnered invaluable experience, all while discerning a set of unique inefficiencies in launching products. Their observations led to the birth of Magnum Opus Agency, a powerhouse of design, product development, and production – serving as the backstage magicians for high-ticket clientele.

The journey of Magnum Opus has not been without challenges. From designs that missed the mark to production errors, the founders have weathered the storm, utilizing every setback as an opportunity to refine their process. After years of relentless effort, problem-solving, and systemizing, they’ve crafted a methodology that eliminates the stress of product creation for visionaries, allowing them to channel their energy towards other integral aspects of their brands.

Magnum Opus distinguishes itself through their wealth of experience and an impressive portfolio, working with industry titans such as Ford, Puma, Burberry, Nike, Brequet, Jordan Brand, Cherry, Louis Vuitton, and Revolve. This list not only validates their proficiency but also attests to the high standards of execution and taste that Magnum Opus brings to every project.

At the helm of this luxury product development agency, Devyn DiStasio and Tyler McConnell bring their distinct talents and expertise. As the former head menswear designer of Rhude, Devyn is equipped with an extensive understanding of the luxury goods market. His expertise lies in creative infrastructure solutions, product design, merchandising strategies, and product lifecycle management – skills that helped take Rhude from 7 to 8 figures in revenue.

On the other hand, Tyler, with his sharp sense of operational flows, navigates the product development and distribution aspects of Magnum Opus Agency. His experience spans working with clients like Nike, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, and Netflix, developing robust supply chains to meet their evolving needs. With a keen focus on operations, Tyler is adept at fully operationalizing brands and solving key supply and logistical challenges.

Based in Los Angeles, Magnum Opus Agency is not merely a product development agency; it’s a creator of luxury, promotional masterpieces that exemplify the highest standards of taste and quality. 

So, for brands aiming to step into the luxury market of Los Angeles or for visionaries looking for an effortless product building experience, Magnum Opus Agency serves as the key, unlocking the door to high-quality, stress-free product creation. As their mission statement so aptly encapsulates, visionaries may dream up the masterpieces, but it’s the Magnum Opus Agency that brings them to life.