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Alabama’s Supreme Court Appeal to Preserve Congressional Map

Alabama has submitted a formal request to the Supreme Court to halt a lower court’s decision that blocked the implementation of the state’s recently revised congressional map. Critics argue that this move contradicts a Supreme Court ruling issued merely


China to Open Up for Overseas Travelers in January

The last significant departure from the nation’s zero-Covid policy will take place in China on January 8, according to officials. This will reopen the country to people with employment and study permits, as well as those who want to


Alleged Founder of BreachForums Arrested by FBI for Cybercrime

The arrest of Conor Brian Fitzpatrick, the alleged founder of the popular cybercriminal forum known as BreachForums, by the FBI marks a major victory for law enforcement agencies in their fight against cybercrime.  The forum had gained notoriety recently


Biden Chooses Griner to Release in a Diplomatic Approach

In a move of international intrigue and contraband, the country exchanged an American jailed in Russia for minor drug possession with one of the world’s most feared arms traffickers.  This daring bargain brought concern from global security experts over

Jared Golden

Congressman Jared Golden’s Shift on Assault Weapons Ban

In a surprising turn of events, Congressman Jared Golden, hailing from Lewiston, Maine, and known for his staunch opposition to gun control measures, has made a notable and much-debated announcement. He now throws his support behind an assault weapons