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Lizzo Gets Mistaken, Thought ‘Late Night’ Writer Was Paul Rudd

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Lizzo discovers ignorance isn’t always bliss when she mistakes a Late Night writer for Hollywood star Paul Rudd while enjoying a few drinks with Seth Meyers.

What was supposed to be a fun afternoon took an even funnier turn.

While filming his show’s popular lunchtime segment, “2 Be Loved” singer and SNL alum Meyers had a wild night in Manhattan – spicily culminating with an entertaining inquiry from him to see if one of their crew members was really Ant-Man actor Paul Rudd undercover.

“Hey, you guys wanna hear the f—ing funniest thing I’ve ever heard?” Meyers stated after the two finished playing their first drinking game. “One of our writers came over and had his mask on, and Lizzo said to him, ‘Are you, Paul Rudd?'”

Lizzo and Meyers are so compelling, the shy author jumped at the chance to appear on screen, boldly donning a mask that only reveals part of his face. Finally he got brave enough to do it.

“Tell me this ain’t motherf—ing Paul Rudd!” She called out. “No, see! Even the way he’s looking now! Paul Rudd would do this.”

Meyers knew the real identity of the fake Paul, but wanted him and Lizzo to get a little drunk before she found out who he really was.

“Here’s what’s gonna happen: when we’re done day drinking, he’s gonna pull it down, and we’re going to have a close-up on you,” Meyers poked fun at the mistake. “And we’re going to see her reaction to how much Paul Rudd — not Paul Rudd — looks like Paul Rudd.”

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Lizzo Finds Out

After some ridiculous games, the masked contestant finally revealed himself to Lizzo – and she was amazed at how different he was from his famous double, Paul Rudd. With her blissful snarl, it was a really fun night.

“Oh, s—!” Lizzo’s hilarious response made Meyers laugh, prompting her to cover her face with both hands while the audience erupted into glee. “I need a tissue!”

After a harsh burn from Meyers sent him to the ground, Lizzo worked to reinvigorate Seth Reiss with her enthusiastic words – who just so happens to be one of The Menu’s co-writers.

“You don’t look ANYTHING like f—ing Paul Rudd!” She exclaimed between laughs. “But you do look really hot! Like, you are handsome! You look Grecian. Greek god, he’s giving me Greek god!”

Reiss cleverly evaded Meyers, who was still in the throes of hilarity and lying on the floor. Then, making a daring escape, he slipped away from view. 

“You’re a hater, Seth!” Lizzo stated. “Step over him!”

Join Lizzo and Seth Meyers as they hilariously encounter a Paul Rudd impersonator, complete with some side-splitting knock-knock jokes. Dive into the laughter here

What the Industry Brings

With Thanksgiving around the corner, Lizzo is bubbling with anticipation. She’s already longing for her yams to be cooked up like a culinary masterpiece. 

After achieving her impressive accomplishments, 34-year-old multihyphenate Jazmin deserved a well-earned break. After all that singing, rapping, flute playing and running multiple businesses – she needed some time to unwind.

She recently concluded her highly successful Special Tour with a bang, performing two shows in Los Angeles that were recorded for the HBO Max special Lizzo: Live in Concert. Don’t miss out on this must-see event premiering on December 31st. 

Lizzo had an exemplary year, from hosting Saturday Night Live and releasing her own reality competition show Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls, to putting out a new album titled Special and premiering the Love, Lizzo docu-series on HBO Max. 

To top it all off, she also debuted Yitty – her very own shapewear line. 

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Despite facing criticism and roadblocks, she has recognized her own determination to excel. To thank herself for her resilience, the artist celebrates by honoring these qualities with a title of appreciation.

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The Start of a Career

In the beginning, Lizzo found her voice and adopted it as a tool of empowerment. With no need to be categorized or defined by labels, she pushed boundaries beyond set expectations and identity theft with courage propelled by Harry Styles’ music. 

Now on tour across America, she’s experienced true liberation through personal breakthroughs that have been profoundly transformative for herself and many others alike.

“Oh, I was in my body. Every time — and mind you, I’m just getting used to winning awards on stage, on camera — for years, I wasn’t even a thought to be nominated. Then for years I was nominated but for sure not going to win, and then all of a sudden after the Grammys it was like, ‘You gotta start accepting awards on stage,'” she told EW. 

“So I always want to make sure that I’m saying the best possible thing in that moment. It’s not just about me. Like, I have a platform. I always see it as that.”