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Jason Siu’s Journey from High School Side Hustle to a $500,000-a-Year Venture

Jason Siu
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A Teen’s Passion Turns into a Lucrative Venture

In a remarkable entrepreneurial journey, Jason Siu, a 21-year-old college junior at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, has transformed a high school side hustle into a thriving business named Three years ago, Siu, driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, started by selling $3 stickers on Snapchat to fund his car upgrades. Today, stands as a testament to the power of persistence, strategy, and creativity, generating an impressive annual revenue exceeding $500,000.

The Evolution of From Stickers to LED Mirrors

The evolution of reflects not just a growth in revenue but a diversification of its product line. What began as a modest sticker-selling venture expanded into a comprehensive offering of flashy car accessories. Siu’s innovative touch is evident as the product range now includes LED-lined rearview mirrors, cupholders, visors, and license plates. His commitment to customization, incorporating light panels and homemade designs, has added a unique and personal touch to each product, setting apart in the market.

Strategic Operations: From a Bedroom to a Warehouse’s growth is not merely confined to product expansion. Siu’s strategic decision to transition from running the business out of his parents’ 1,000-square-foot two-bedroom apartment in Honolulu to renting a dedicated warehouse marked a pivotal moment. This move was instrumental in streamlining operations and efficiently handling the increasing demand for’s products. The warehouse serves as the central hub for the business, allowing for more organized and scalable operations.

Mastering Consistency: The Key to Virality and Profitability

Central to Siu’s success strategy is the art of consistency. Siu, in an exclusive interview, shares insights into how his relentless posting strategy on platforms like TikTok played a crucial role in’s success. The emphasis on consistent content creation, with one to two videos posted daily for a month, has been a key driver behind viral moments for the brand. Siu’s journey reflects a transition from a quantity-focused approach to prioritizing quality content. He now incorporates vlogs and longer videos to engage the audience, showcasing a nuanced understanding of evolving digital marketing trends.

Insights from Jason Siu: Navigating Challenges and Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

In an illuminating discussion, Siu delves into the challenges faced during his entrepreneurial journey, offering valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs. From managing cash flow to the traits needed for success, Siu emphasizes the importance of persistence and adaptation. He shares lessons learned, highlighting the significance of investing in social media ads and hiring contractors to enhance content quality. Siu’s experience serves as a guide for navigating the dynamic landscape of the side hustle arena.

A Blueprint for Success in the Side Hustle Arena

Jason Siu’s story is more than a success narrative; it’s a blueprint for aspiring entrepreneurs in the side hustle arena. From a modest beginning to a six-figure enterprise, showcases the potential for success with persistence, strategic adaptation, and a creative approach. Siu’s journey serves as an inspiration for those aiming to turn their passion into a profitable venture.